3DEO Example Imagery

Live Imagery Examples (Best on Desktop)

Click a thumbnail to view the 3D data in an online point cloud viewer. The viewer works best on a computer, but can be used on a phone.

Manasas VA

Cell Tower

Power Plant

Louisiana Canal Bridge


2W6 Airport

Imagery Videos (Best for Mobile)

Point Cloud Viewer Help

Follow these instructions to enable some advanced rendering options in this point cloud viewer

  1. Click the menu icon
  2. Click the Scene tab
  3. Click the cloud icon
  4. Use advanced features like Point Size and Gradient Scheme settings

Follow these instructions to use the transect tool

  1. Click the transect tool
  2. Left click points along the point cloud. Right click when finished
  3. Click the "show 2D profile" button in the bottom of the "Scene" section
  4. View transect
Potree Help Video from Open Topography

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